Monday, 21 June 2010


Got up at the usual time - 6.00am and then not a lot else really. I started my day off with my Fruit and Brazils and then proceeded to eat naughties throughout the rest of the day. I haven't had my evening meal which I am not having now as it is getting too late to eat.

I done some housework and then at about 5.30pm we went to the Asian store in Newcastle where I stocked up on my Green Coconuts......10 of them, yes I did say 10...teehee
10 Coconuts from this particular store are only £1.45 each, so 10 Green Coconuts cost me £14.50 yes, I did have petrol to put into the car which would have come to about £5-ish worth of petrol used to get there and back, whereas to buy 9 Green Coconuts from a delivery company it would have been P&P free but still would have cost me £39 for 9 so going to Newcastle to buy them is a snip of the cost of sending off for them.

I have been trying to organise the house ready for the new gas system being installed on Wednesday. I'm dreading the mess!
I was supposed to be going to the dentist tomorrow (Tuesday) but I have had to re-schedule my appointment for another 2 weeks approximately because I need to be here tomorrow morning when the gas board drop off the new boiler, radiators etc.

Back soon.

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