Wednesday, 16 June 2010

New Page....PRETTY!

How do you like my new page??

I'm back! Well infact, because it has been 12 days ago since I was last here I can't think back over those days to update BUT! Probably because not a lot has happened.

Errrm let me think..... The loft now has lights, sockets and a new ladder. We have a lady coming on Friday to discuss having a new gas system installed which will then mean we can get those ridiculous water tanks removed from the loft, (part of having a new gas system) we have also had a quote to have the chimney stack removed and if we decide to get this extra work done we will then have a full loft convertion....FAB!!
We have so much going on with the house at the moment what with the loft, gas, living room, flooring the whole downstairs area, tiling in the kitchen, spare bedroom for Adam, the shed and the garden i.e. fence to repspray etc. I want everything done well before Christmas.

We went out yesterday to Costco and stocked up on all the GORGEOUS fruit and veg, we also went to Tesco for sweet onions and celeriac and Asda for our groceries.

I finally received my sideboard for when my living room has been revamped....exciting! I also finally received my new Kombucha pot, it is beautiful, hand crafted and with a certificate because these are collectables, it has taken 4 weeks to get this pot because it had to be made for me. I haven't got my Kombucha pot up and running yet but I will. These Kombucha pots are made so they don't contain lead...BRILL! I will upload pics tomorrow of my new buys except the sideboard because that will remain in the box for a couple of weeks yet.
I succeeded in buying a bottle of Braggs Liquid Amino's here in the UK which I am very pleased about! Also Artisana Coconut Butter....GREAT!

Raw, still a bit up and down and the house being upside down isn't making things easy but that is part of working on a raw life also.

Well that is all for now so I will be back tomorrow.

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