Friday, 4 June 2010

Never In

It feels like I have hardly been in the house lately.

We went to Asda in the morning for a few bits and pieces, I also had to go to the bank for some money to pay the electrician who was coming in the afternoon to fix our shower switch. The switch is now fixed and I am SOOOO pleased!! I was having to switch it on via the mains shower switch which was such a nuisance!

I have been pondering on buying another Gartopf crock pot for some time now despite already having a fermenting crock pot, I wanted a smaller one but after watching You Tubes regarding fermenting foods I decided not to buy another fermenting pot but to buy some Kilner Jars instead which are a bit like Ball Jars with the two part sealing screw lids, so I searched online and I found that Lakeland stock them, so at 6.00pm we went to Newcastle and into Lakeland and bought a box of 12 x 0.5ltr jars and a box of 12 x 1ltr jars all with lids...BRILLIANT!

These Kilner jars will save a lot of time because after preparing the veg all I will need to do is let it ferment in the jars instead of having to decant from the fermenting crock pot....BRILLIANT!!

Whilst in Lakeland I also bought a few other things....I couldn't help it.....TUT, TUT but such FUN!!

8" Loose bottom flan pan
6" Loose bottom cake pan
9" Tapered angled spatula
Citrus juicer
12 Heart silicone moulds

I received an order I have been waiting for.

The culture starter is exactly what I need to help with the veg fermenting, although, I don't HAVE to use a culture starter, I wanted to use it for that extra help and benefits.

On the way back from Newcastle we popped into my sisters for a visit and to give her a GORGEOUS bunch of pink roses, she has been wonderful since we broke the ice and I appreciate being closer to my sister again.

Got up at 6.10am, showered, hair and makeup. I got the boys up, fed, washed and watered and then we headed into town, I needed to go to the Post Office. We then went to Holland & Barrett to buy some of their Q10 which was reduced by £15+ for their mega weekend WOW!! Is all I can say, I also bought some green coconut water which is 100% pure, I often buy this and especially at the moment because the store where I buy my green coconuts haven't been able to get them in stock lately, maybe there is a season for them, I will keep checking though.
Must say, I did NOT go to the market and to the sweetie stall....TICK VG to me.

When we got home I fathed around the house and then lay on the settee and promptly fell asleep....I hate doing that but we haven't been getting to bed until quite late recently what with shopping and visiting.

The electrician is coming on Monday to put electrics in the loft; two lights and a double socket then my OH can get on and lay the loft flooring, we still have the livingroom walls to strip, coving and lay the laminate flooring. I decided to throw out the display cabinet in my livingroom and I have bought a sideboard/cupboard which will be much more useful, I bought it about 2 weeks ago but I am still waiting to hear form the company to let me know a delivery date, they said I should hear later this month.

Well I think that is all my news for now.

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