Sunday, 20 June 2010

Catch Up

I had a visitor today but I am not saying who or why I had a visitor because I don't want anyone I don't want to know, to know.....TeeHee that make sense??

After my visitor left I went into town to pick Michael up because his car was in for MOT and then we needed to go to WHSmiths.

I received a few things through the post that I was waiting for, I will get some pics done, just give me a couple of days.

Errrm....let me think - Ah Yes, I remember. We had a lady here to check the necessaries round our home for a new central heating system, radiators, boiler etc to be installed, and I have to say that we are amazed because the gas board are dropping the items off on Tuesday morning because they are fitting it all on Wednesday.....WOW! I was expecting to be waiting for months before it would be installed but nope, less than a week after talking to the gas lady it will be completely installed, finished, up and running by Friday (3 days to fully complete) quick is that?

We popped to Michaels today. Whilst speaking to Michael on the phone I could hear he was upset....awwww so we went over. He is fed up with things going wrong for him lately and one of our neighbours (the rapist and his wife across the road, not opposite, thank goodness, across but one) tried to cause trouble for him by telling the police that he was driving his car with no tax, isn't that just the nastiest thing to do? Because we don't like them they have tried to get to us through our 24 year old son....EVIL, NASTY PEOPLE AND TROUBLE MAKERS!!! And just to let you know, these neighbours are older folk, she is in her mid fifties and he has just turned 60, the 60 year old banners were on their window the other week. All we want to do is keep ourselves to ourselves, it is these neighbours that are making our lives miserable which we now totally ignore...I have told you about them in a previous post, anyway, it didn't do them any good because my Michael is fully legal...HA one to Michael. Those horrible neighbours are fiddling the DSS and she is driving her car without a driving licence but we are not trouble makers so we haven't gone to the police or DSS, all we want is to be left alone to live our lives hence ignoring them TOTALLY!!

We popped along to my Dad's home to drop his Father's Day card and presents off to him. My youngest sister and brother in law were there too which was nice! We haven't seen them for a while because my sister is always busy with her horses and our brother in law is working and playing golf.

I went to bed last night feeling very unwell but I felt a lot better this morning....thank goodness.

We have removed our conservatory because we are hoping to have a new one fitted very soon, after the gas, loft conversion, flooring etc that is currently being done at the moment of course! There is a LOT happening around here at the moment!!

Michael and his family visited today to bring lots of lovely presents for my OH for Fathers Day from them all and a few best Grandad presents for Fathers Day.....SO SWEET!

Raw is going but still could be better, hard with everything going on but I wont give in!!! It will come better again soon!!!!

Here you go, I decided to post some pics now.

This order consists of Nori Nacho's...YUM! Really tasty! Macaroons and a raw Meusli.

Here is a pic of the raw goodies I have been buying lately, dental products, sweeteners, snacks, Braggs, raw honey etc.

And here is my GORGEOUS Kombucha pot/jar. I just placed the tap and cork into the hole to give you an idea. The tap is a true cider tap and the pot is a collectors, individually handmade and painted, signed and came with a certificate, of course the pot is to be used, not just to be looked at. It cost quite a lot of money for this so I am waiting for the work being done in the house before I get some Kombucha tea brewing in it.

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