Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Thankyou Philip!

I just received a lovely comment from the GORGEOUS Philip Mccluskey!! Thankyou for that Philip! The video is FABULOUS! And I can understand with loads of what you said. Making everyday a good day is in our hands...POSITIVE THINKING and APPRECIATION!
I have to say, Philip is quite a funny guy, I did have a few giggles with some of the witty things he was saying, and he has done FANTASTIC! With weight loss...over 200lb loss...WELL DONE!!

I stepped on the scales this morning ANNNND I have lost 4.7lb over the last 2 weeks, pretty good eh?

I have just done my usual housework today so not a lot else to report.
I am waiting for a couple more items to be delivered which I will show you when they arrive.

I am going to get on with a few raw recipes tomorrow. For my evening meal tomorrow I am thinking of making Marinara Pasta from Alissa Cohens book, this is a nice recipe. I will have a good look through my books and see what I fancy making. I have LOADS of raw books and DVD's now.

Well I am rambling so I will get myself off and up the wooden hill and I will get back tomorrow.

Nighty nite!

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