Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Practise Makes Perfect

I get up in the morning with such gusto ready to get on with my raw day and I do start off with a healthy raw Breakfast but it is difficult for me when I have to have so many naughties in the house for my husband and boys. I do have raw snacks throughout most of the day but by late afternoon I am craving naughties and I sometimes succumb to these little bits of naughties.
When I stick to my raw food 100% the benefits I feel within a matter of days are quite profound, I feel SOOO much better in such a short period of time, it amazes me every time, so why can't I stick to 100% raw 100% of the time? Well I think it is laziness but by sticking to 100% raw I start to feel I have more energy and so it gets easier with preparing my raw meals but just one lazy spot and then BANG! I have grabbed something not raw and then that in turn can lessen my energy...a downward spiral begins for days making it hard to get back onto my raw would have thought I would have learnt my lesson by now!!

Well I have every single piece of machinery to stick to raw, even down to a large Amercian Fridge Freezer. I have just about every single item of raw foods, super foods, supplements etc etc so, time to put them ALL into practise 100% OF THE TIME!! This is a 100% 28 day raw challenge but it isn't a challenge, it is a lifestyle change!!

Again this morning I got up and went through my usual routine, shower, hair and makeup, floors and kids and then my Breakfast but because of sorting the boys out etc I didn't manage to get my Breakfast until Lunch time, not a problem, who said we have to stick to certain times of the day to eat? Silly idea, we should eat when hungry but eat healthy, although, having said that, it isn't good to eat late in the evening but that is for our own benefit, we don't want food sitting in our tummy's and disturbing our sleep do we?

I have Chickpeas soaking to make raw Hummus, I have Buckwheat soaking to make Pizza Bases and I have Wheatberries soaking for whatever, I can't remember, I will have to check in Alissa Cohens Raw book.
Notice that I have grains etc soaking this is because I want to cut down on the nut products as nuts are high in calories, so at the most I will only have nuts once a day.

I am making the family mince and veg tonight for their evening meal, I am having raw. I am thinking of shredding veg and fruit and having a HUGE salad, salad can be very filling!! I actually LOVE preparing raw foods, it is different instead of making the same old meals. I have never got bored with making raw foods....AMAZING!!

I am feeling tired today as I didn't get to bed until about 3.00am - mad I know but I was reading. I will not stray off my raw wagon - I AM DETERMINED!! I want to be slim, fit and healthy and this is the road to go down.
Angie at In The RawRealm has gone down that road and WOW! That lady looks AMAZING! You can also check out Angie's You Tube

Back later today, hopefully

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