Thursday, 18 February 2010


FAB! I received my couple other items today....EXCITING!
Here is the first. It is a NEW DVD by Rhio.

I am hoping to also buy volumes 2 & 3 as soon as they become available.
My second parcel today was this:

A Ceramic Fermenting Pot. I am looking for a good book to start a load of fermenting, of course fermented foods are RAW foods.

Again, I haven't done a lot today apart from my usual, I didn't do my dehydrating or Pasta Marinara.....LAAAAZZZZZY! So, I haven't got a lot to report, I haven't even been past the door today, just another lazy get up and go, got up and went somewhere and I don't know where....BOOHOO! Ah well! I am sure to make up for it and I will end up being so busy very soon....that is usually what happens.

I am very happy with my NEW purchases lately!

Back tomorrow with hopefully a more productive day.

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