Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Raw and Narrow

Saturday just gone I done a HUUUUGE! Grocery shop. Started off with Asda at 8.30am then I had to pop into town and the Health Food Shop for my Brazil Nuts and Linseeds (Flax Seeds). Early afternoon we went to Costco where I spent £127 on pure goodness and a NEW Water Filter with 1 years supply of filters....NICE ONE!! No naughties seem to go into my Costco trolley any more, I am always too eager to grab my Fruit and Veg which are a FANTASTIC quality! I hasten to add. I did score a box of Mangoes, 9 Mangoes for £3.79 now that was GREAT! Because Mangoes, which I feel are of a lesser quality are £1 each in Asda. I also bought a 680g tub of Blueberries for only £4.29 another bargain because it is usually £3 for two TINY tubs of Blueberries in Asda. I also bought my usuals of Apples, Lemons, Garlic, Medjool Dates, Avocados etc etc Oh! And a huge bag of Pine Nuts.

Aren't these FAB? And they are big also!!

I received a couple of BRILLAINT! Raw orders this morning, the first from Raw Living.

Magic Mix is SOOOO YUMCIOUS!!!! I bought 2 bags this time. I also bought Ionic Drops, premium grade Madgascar Vanilla Beans and there are 6 Vanilla Beans in the packet for only £4.95 BARGAIN considering you can spend more than that for ONE Vanilla Bean in other shops. There is also a bag of the GORGEOUS Chia Seeds, Probio-Easy and a FREE bag of Hi Trail Mix because my order was over £50.

My next parcel this morning was from Shazzie's shop.

2 Cartons of Coconut Milk, 1 x 500g bag of Hemp Protein Powder which is to help with cravings as well as ALLL the other health benefits, and not forgetting the GORGEOUS Philip Mccluskey DVD.

Well that is my latest buys, hope you like them.

I am going to measure my body aswell as weighing to keep a check on any weight loss although I am not exercising at the moment. I am thinking of going 100% raw overnight because at the moment I am still sneaking the odd little bit of cooked which is keeping my taste buds in the cooked food world and I am feeling negative unhealthy feelings from this but when I stick to raw the positive healthy benefits I feel, which I feel very quickly are THE BEST! WELL WORTH BEING RAW!!

Back tomorrow

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  1. Enjoy the yummies, thanks for the support!

    - Philip McCluskey : )