Monday, 1 February 2010

NEW 28 Day Challenge

Right! I am on a 28 day challenge to stay 100% raw for the month of February, well it is the shortest month of the year. No sneaky bits of Choccy, if I want something naughty I am going to have to create something naughty and raw.

I weighed myself this morning and although I like Thursday's to be my weigh day I am going to stick to Mondays throughout this month.

I am also getting my butt back into gear and following my housework and beauty rota's and I am hoping to get into my exercise rota's.

Found a lovely recipe this morning to make Saurkraut so here it is:

I am going to have a go at making this in a week or so, when I next get to Asda.

I am still on anti-depressants but I went been to see my GP last week and I have decided to try to reduce them and see how I go, ideally I would like to be off them to see how eating a raw diet can help rather than resorting to medication, need to be careful though I DO NOT want to sink into a deep depression again, one day at a time, at least I have that buffer that if needed I can increase them again with my GP's consent.

Okay, I started my morning off with spilling water on my bed covers....STUPID! At least it was just plain water and not too much, just 1/4 cup, I then came out of the bathroom and banged my foot on the side of one of the boys old TV's that are on the landing floor waiting for me to find a place to store them as spares incase anything goes wrong with their new TV's that we bought them for Christmas and they don't have a TV to play their computer games....god forbid that should happen - not bad for the first hour or so of the morning - bruised foot and I need to dry the bed cover.....teehee I can laugh now because I am safe just sitting here typing this, I am safe, aren't I?? Never know when it comes to me....teehee

I made some Cheesey Kale yesterday which are now in a Lock n Lock. I have some Alfalfa sprouting and I am hoping to get some more things going in the deydrator today, I will let you know.

Well, I need to get on with cleaning my bathroom and patio doors today which are on my rota, beauty comes this evening.

Should get back later today but if not then I will be back tomorrow for the 2nd day of my 28 day challenge.

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