Friday, 5 February 2010

That Grosses Me Out!

Another late Breakfast this morning afternoon 12.40pm to be exact. I have ran out of Grapes and Persimmons which I like to have on my Breakfast so I just had Pear, Banana and ground Brazils - nice all the same!

I was hungry when I went to bed last night but then I would be because all I could be bothered to make for myself for my evening meal was Banana Icecream, raw of course. I sprinkled some Lucuma over it but I sprinkled on far too much and although Lucuma is lovely, I LOVE IT! I don't like too much, so I didn't finish my Icecream. When I got out of bed this morning I did feel lighter and not as sluggish.
YEUUUUU! In the bin goes the remainder of my Breakfast. I have been eating my Breakfast whilst doing my blog and I just found one of my hairs in it.....BLEURGH! Thats it! If I find a hair even my own in my food I CAN NOT eat it! It GROSSES ME OUT!

I have things soaking and sprouting so I am hoping to get on with a few things later, I will post pics. That is one of the reasons my Breakfast got later and later.....I have a load of things to rinse etc.
I quite fancy making a Corn Chip recipe from Alissa Cohens book, it seems like it will be really nice, going off the ingredients.

I am still incorporating my rota's into my day which is going good although the odd things doesn't get done because I have much more on my plate these day because something has changed in my life since last September and I don't have quite as much spare time. I wont say what it is just yet, nothing bad, just a change and a challenge for me.
I still want to try to incorporate exercise into my day especially as I have an even BIGGER variety of exercise DVD's and not forgetting all the exercise equipment I have....AMAZING! I used to have mainly Aerobic DVD's but now I have dance i.e. Salsa, Bellydancing etc etc in my collection which will make exercising SOOOO much more fun!! Planning is the secret!

I have to say, I am starting to enjoy blogging again, although I always did enjoy blogging but I am getting back into it.

Well I may get back later, if not, then tomorrow.


  1. Welcome back! Dance is definitely one of my favorite forms of exercise. :-) Keep making healthy choices.

  2. Thankyou June! You have always been there, thankyou!

    Lots of hugs to you xx