Friday, 27 November 2009

Where Has It Gone??

WOW! This week has FLOWWWWN over!!

Oh! I weighed in on Thursday and.......another 1.9lb gone....WOOHOO.

I have been doing more Christmas cleaning and now I am doing my bedroom. I felt that my beauty things needed a shake up because after a while I get used to seeing it all in the same place and I forget exactly what I have, and then I get lazy, so last night I started my bedroom and made things more accessible, of course I still need to do more work in my bedroom, I forget as to how much I have. I have often thought about making my spare bedroom into a beauty room....A BEAUTY PARLOUR - Oh yes! My own personal Beauty Parlour! How GLAM!!....teehee

Today I am going to make a Raw Pecan Pie dessert and I really want to get some Cheezy Chips into the dehydrator, I will have to see how things go.

Because I am busy with the kids and Christmas cleaning I have found myself grabbing some naughties but MUCH less than I do normally which is a good thing. I am trying to just think raw all the time and not think about cooked at all. When it comes to a meal time and when I am hungry I am trying to think of a raw meal instead of thinking what I can have for that you know what I mean? How we would normally think immediately of making a Lasagne, or Ready meal, I am trying to think Salad, Raw Pasta, Nori Rolls etc.

I should get back later today....

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