Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Plan

Ummmm....I posted the previous post yesterday not Sunday as the date states at the top of the post.....Ummm - Anyway, I didn't get back later yesterday because of getting a migraine...BooHoo it has pretty much gone now, still there a tad but SOOOOoooo much better!!

Okay, my false starts, but not any more!! Well, what I am doing is creating a file/portfolio for MEEE! My rota's, my graphs, my weekly weigh ins, raw food pyramid, food combining, future tasks/jobs whether to do with raw or around the home, Shopping list for equipment whether it be raw, Beauty or for around the home, and anything else that comes along that I feel I need to put into my file. This file is everything to do with my life and lifestyle.

Raw Living
Healthy Fit Me
Beautiful Me
Clean Home
Future Tasks - Raw, Me or Home

I tried to put an image of the front cover on here but it didn't come out very clear. I will try and sort it and post a page of my file every day so you can see what I have in it. I have printed each page to keep in a file instead of keeping a file on the computer.

On here I will post a daily section titled, 'Raw Feelings' and this will be detailing my thoughts, feelings and struggles I have had or have not had that day of going raw. I will also be blogging about daily life, Oh! And my weekly weigh ins etc.


Image from Rawfu

I managed to sorta scan my front cover. The image is so peaceful and relaxed looking. Healthy body and mind = peaceful, relaxed sleep = healthy body, mind and spirit = happiness, contentment etc and so on!
I will bring you my second page tomorrow.

I had a good Breakfast of Kefir, Agave, Banana and a homemade cereal...YUM! I still prefer my Fruit and Brazil Nuts though but I don't have any Brazil Nuts until I get into town.

Here is a pic of my homemade raw ceral in the storage tub. It looks like Special K, it is my raw Special K.

I have just stripped my bed and got that into the washing machine, that is it for now, Oh! I have washed my kitchen floor and I will pull the vacuum over the other floors. This migraine has got me wrecked today.



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