Saturday, 21 November 2009

Where Is The Daylight?

For the last few days it hasn't quite got light properly here but today is even worse, it is very dark to say it is the middle of the day, infact, it hasn't got light yet! I quite like it actually....COZY! I love COZY!

Okay, things come in three's eh? First off about 2-3 weeks ago my vacuum packed up, I think I told you about it, then our kettle packed up and then our TV....WOW! So, we replaced the vacuum.
We have been doing a bit of Christmas shopping at Argos lately and they have been giving £5 and £10 vouchers with every £50 or £100 spent. We have bought 2 TV's and a Snooker Table for the kids for Christmas from Argos so we ended up with £25 worth of vouchers which went towards a kettle. The kettle was £30 so we only ended up actually paying £5 cash for our new kettle. That is #2 ticked off our list.

We weren't going to buy a new TV for our living room until next year so we have been using the TV from our bedroom - but oh dear, although it isn't a portable it is still small compared to what we were used to in the livingroom, so we bit the bullet and went out this morning and bought a new big TV - #3 done.

Whilst out this morning I popped to the Nutricentre and Tesco and bought a bottle of Ume Plum Vinegar to make my Fakin Bacon, also Alfalfa Seeds, I love them! Great in Salads and wraps etc. I then popped into Tesco and bought a bag of Red Lentils which I will soak and make a salad with. I saw a recipe on You Tube using the Red Lentils so I will give it a go. I also bought Tamari and Popcorn kernels.

Last night I whipped up a raw mock Cheese to make some raw Cheese Crackers which are in the dehydrator, apparently these crackers taste like Cheez-its from America, I have never had Cheez-its as I am in the UK.
I have put some of the raw Cheese Sauce into a jar to use as a macaroni cheese type sauce. It can also be used for dipping. I have to say, it does taste good!!

I have been soaking some Goji's and I will add a little bit of Camu Camu to it. Camu Camu is a Superfood. (Camu Camu is the richest source of Vitamin C and also has anti-viral and immune-boosting properties. It is a great source of minerals including iron, niacin, phosphorous, potassium, riboflavin and beta carotene. It is very engergising and combines wonderfully with other superfoods like Cacao, Pollen and Goji's) I also soaked some Alfalfa Seeds last night which I am sprouting. I am fermenting more Milk Kefir and Water Kefir and I made a lovely batch of Kombuch and I have got another batch fermenting. I have been a busy bee.

I am hoping to start exercising next week, first thing in the mornings.

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