Tuesday, 17 November 2009

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So! Here is page 2 of my file.

We have been busy over the last few days doing some Christmas shopping. I still have rather a lot to do and buy. I am usually just about done by about now, or certainly by now I have done most of it, ah well, it will get done. We have just had a Snooker Table delivered today which is one of Adam's Christmas presents.

It is my James' Birthday in a few weeks, he is 10.....double figures. We have bought him the new 'Need For Speed, Nitro' game for the Wii, that is what he wanted.

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning and in Asda by about 7.15am....GET US EH!!...TeeHee - well, I HATE the pushing and shoving, so, I would rather get up early and get what I want in a better and less stressed atmosphere.

We popped to Costco again on Saturday. I just love Costco and that is where I buy most of my Fruit and Veg, the quality is fab! I bought a net of Garlic which I am going to chop up and put into a jar and cover with Olive Oil and when I need to use Garlic I will just spoon it out as and when. Lazy Garlic is what it is called in the shops, not so lazy when making it myself though, eh?

We got to Costco which is in Gateshead at about 4pm, I also wanted to catch Argos in my home town before it shut at 5.30pm bearing in mind Costco was about 15-ish mile away and there is usually a lot of traffic - AMAZINGLY we got through Costco and back to our home town and in Argos for about 5.20pm....WOW!

We popped to see my Dad on Sunday. My Dad is a FABULOUS!! Person. I love him so much!! For my Dad's Birthday back in August we created a photo CD with the Happy Birthday song by Cyndi Lauper playing on it, he was OVER THE MOON with that present.

I went to collect my eldest Granddaughter from school yesterday but as soon as she saw me she started to cry and she just wanted her Mammy but when I saw Michael this afternoon he said that when he went to collect Ebony from school today she said to him, "who said you could come and get me? I wanted my Grandma to come and get me, not you!"....TeeHee kids are funny sometimes.

My raw eating hasn't been the best....AGAIN!! But it will get better. I haven't been feeling the best lately what with one thing or another i.e. headaches, IBS etc If I kept to my raw then I probably wouldn't feel like this. I have had raw but no where near what I have previously been sticking to.

My weigh in days are going to be Thursday's and I will do my best to stick to my raw from Thursday up until Christmas Eve then I will relax over the Christmas and maybe a tad over the New Year but then I will be back with it 1000%.

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