Monday, 23 November 2009

Wind, NO! Gales!

Well, we had gale winds last night and when I got up this morning.....WHOA! My garden was covered in someone elses rubbish from their Blue bin. It is Blue bin week today and of course every dopey person in this avenue put their Blue bin out last night in the gales ready for collection this morning......DURRR! The Blue bins always get blown over in high winds.....does it take a genius to figure that one out? I'm sure no-one has even half a brain in this avenue. Okay! Rant over.

Right, I got my exercise in this morning although not an exercise DVD, picking everyone's filth up out of my garden was enough exercise and I sure worked up a sweat.

After I had my shower etc this morning I got on with some Christmas cleaning....woohoo. I cleaned the display cabinet, shelving, all ornaments and my two sets of living room light shades which also meant climbing up and down step ladders....extra exercise!

I had a healthy Breakfast this morning, I am now debating as to what to have for Lunch, I better hurry up, I'm hungy!


We had a lovely visit from Michael and he brought our 3 grandchildren with him. Baby Michael is SOOOO much like my Michael when he was the same age......ALWAYS looking for mischief...teehee
Ellie is becoming more relaxed and she spends time with us but Ebony is still very shy. We haven't seen a great deal of our grandchilren over the years but we have seen loads of them lately which is SOOO lovely!!
Michael asked me if I would make him some scones in a day or so.....awwwwwe that pleased me NO END!! I will probably make them for him tomorrow. He said to his dad, "tell mam to just make a few because I know what she is like, she will make me a heap!"...TeeHee - yes I probably would have if he hadn't said to just make a few, I will make him a dozen, afterall, he does have the 3 kiddies and his OH - yep! That TRULY pleased me!!


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  1. News reports reaching Australia regarding your weather have been woeful! Do you expect to have a White Christmas??