Friday, 22 January 2010



I am back from a break from my blog.
James has celebrated his 10th Birthday and I have had my 44th Birthday.

I am BACK!....WOOOOOHOOOOO I am feeling raring to get on with things and I will be back later today with a full report and to let you know how my day has gone.

For Christmas I got lots of lovely things, my Green Star being one of them....YeeHaa I of course got lots of Beauty items also.

The start of 2010 has been a tad up and down on the raw front and life, but I am getting there.
We have had a huge amount of snow in the UK which has been getting everyone down and in some parts of the UK the snow is still about 10ft high but HEY! It is a new year and we just move on.

I am still making Milk Kefir although Milk Kefir is not raw Vegan but very healthy with healthy probiotics which we all need. My Water Kefir is still going great and multiplying at a rate of knots....GOSH! Those little grains grow so fast! I am also still doing my Kombucha which is FANTASTIC! And not forgetting how quick those little mushrooms multiply also....saucy little devils!...teehee. I have just started making my own Apple Cider Vinegar and also fermenting veg in a Japanese Nukazuke

Back later

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