Monday, 31 January 2011

Being A Bit Slow

I could have sworn it was the 30th today and I'm sure that even the date on my computer displayed the 30th......durrr - I doubt it somehow, I will put it down to brain strain...teehee - Oh! I know what it hubby had the use of our brain cell turn tomorrow...teehee.
Well then, as it is 31st January today that obviously means it is 1st February tomorrow....WoooHooo - I am so pleased that we will be out of January, January is the longest, most dreary, depressing and draining month of the year, time for sun to start and shine again....."HELLO February!"

I made some raw choccies the other day with an Almond Butter filling, I know I should have taken a pic, but I couldn't resist and I scoffed them....OOps! I think the choccies might have contributed to a migraine that I have had, will I learn??? Probably not!!

Okay then, tonight I am going to juice some veg etc for my Breakfast tomorrow, that is what I am going to start to have for Breakfasts as often as I can....what a good girl eh??

Okay then off I go and start a juicing.

Night Night for now

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