Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yep today (8th January) is my 45th Birthday ANNNND I have to confess to not going raw properly yet. I wanted to go 100% raw on 1st January but I just could not get myself motivated because I knew my birthday was coming but now I feel that I can because now all the celebrations are done.....well they will be after today. Tomorrow is my new life of RAAAWWWW! I have been as much raw as possible since the 1st January but just not as dedicated as I could have been BUT because I have been as much raw as possible I have lost a couple of pound on the scales, I will be back tomorrow with all those details.

I have received some lovely presents today....such fun! Presents for Christmas and then presents 2 weeks later for my Birthday, although I hadn't received 3 presents through the post that were meant to be for my Christmas but on Thursday one of them arrived and this morning the second arrived, still waiting for one more. It was nice to receive another one of them this morning on my Birthday which was a single hair epilator. I wanted this SINGLE hair epilator for my chinny hair....arrrggghhh! It is fine to epilate those chinny hair but DO NOT...I repeat...DO NOT shave them, I know this because I am qualified in Beauty Therapy. Shaving causes blunt ends and they come through coarse but tweezing, waxing or epilating them pulls them out from the root and eventually they will not come back or they come through a lot finer.

My eldest son Michael and his grilfriend had a bunch of flowers delivered to me, this was a lovely suprise! The florist van pulling up outside my home. The card read, " To Grandma, Happy Birthday. Lots of Love from Ebony, Ellie and Michael xx" that was so sweet and a FANTASTIC suprise!!
About an hour later Michael, Kaylie and the grandchildren arrived with yet MORE presents. A GORGEOUS bottle of perfume, a pair of soft footwear that I had wanted, a pen that has 'Grandma' on it and a tin of Quality Street sweets. My youngest sister wanted to take me out for a meal but I had already taken a joint out of the freezer to defrost which I did indulge more now though....WoooHooo. My dad sent me a LOVELY Birthday card and he rang me to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me, he does this every year....teehee. My hubby got me a book which arrived 3 days ago, it is the Everday Raw Desserts by Mathew Kenney. There are some whopping dessert recipe's in this book.

My hubby has ordered a few more things for me, one of which is the Jack LaLanne juicer that also makes nut milks which I thought would be good for those quick nut milks when caught out with no milk made. So, I have done rather well today! I have had a REALLY LOVELY Birthday!!

*Note to myself*....find the cable for the camera so I can post pics.

I WILL be back tomorrow.

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