Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Start Weight & Pics

First things first, my weigh in. Okay, I weighed in at 201.8lb's. My first goal is 10% so I need to get to 181lb's.

Now to the pics, there are quite a few, are you ready?

Here is a pic of my Raw Living order. I ordered a jar of Sauerkraut, I am going to start and make my own. The Rawtella is SOOOO YUMMY! I will be buying more of those. The kelp is to add to Alissa Cohen's Mock Tuna.....YUM!
The lovely folk at Raw Living sent me a free bar of their chocolate...."THANKYOU to you all at Raw Living!"
My order came to quite a large amount of money, I wont say how much....OOps!

A box of Choccies....just for me! Gotta love that! This is a pic of the box of Raw Choccies that I ordered in the Raw Living order.
(Click on the pic to enlargen to see the inside of the choc I cut open)

I bought these Microplane's in December from Costco but I thought I would show them. These are FABULOUS!!

A spend at the FANTASTIC Lakeland. I bought some more choccie molds, Almond and Orange oil, food rings and live probiotics for when I make my raw yogurts. I have to store the probiotics in the fridge so this should be great for my raw yogurts.

I know, when following a raw lifestyle we should try to wean ourselves off coffee but that is going to be one of the last things I give up. I have wanted one of these 'Cuisinart Grind and Brew' machines for quite some time so when I was in Lakeland I seen this last one at only £102.50 when it used to be about £150.00 well, quite a saving, so my hubby bought it for me. Belated Birthday present.

This one arrived this morning. Bare Escentuals Mineral 20 Eye Colours. Another Belated Birthday present from hubby.

When I popped to Asda a weeks or so ago I spotted this Pilates Deluxe Kit. I do have the Pilates machine but this should be good to just do a quick Pilates routine AND because my Pilates machine is at the back of beyond in my spare bedroom....OOoops! There was also a DVD in with this kit.
(enlargen the pic to read what I got in the kit)

This is one of my FAB Christmas presents...ZUUUUUMMMBA!....WoooHooo which I did get at Christmas. I am going to do the Zumba challenges that are in the book.

Well, that has made up for not posting many pics over the last few months.
I am still waiting for a couple of things to arrive so a couple more pics of my purchases to follow, and foodie recipes.

Night Night, until tomorrow.

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