Saturday, 20 November 2010


Last night I was busy for what seemed like hours. I made almond milk, cheesy kale, Nomi Shannon's sunny paté, I cracked open 4 coconuts, the meat is in the freezer and the water is in the fridge. Along with the cheesy kale I also put some buckwheat into the dehydrator that I have been sprouting.

I am lucky to have a cold press oil extractor for my Samson juicer so I am going to press some sesame seeds for the oil because I am going to make some mayonnaise that Ann Marie Gianni made, you can watch it here:

I had to buy a new washing machine last week-ish...grrr my other machine that I haven't had for too long started banging loudly when it was spinning, just like the previous washer to that....humff - ah well, I have a new machine now, I can't NOT have a washing machine.

I STILL have not received my Walnut tree....GRRRR! My hubby rang them because after 3 weeks still no signs of the tree, they told him that the dept still hadn't acted on the request for the replacement to be sent out....SOOOO ANGRY!! The guy has now passed it onto a higher dept....we will see.

Well, tomorrow I am planning on making the mayo and other things, I will let you know and maybe take some pics.

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