Saturday, 6 November 2010

Getting Colder

It is beginning to feel so much colder and we have had some frost over the last few weeks.....BRRRR

We went out to Tesco this morning to buy some Buckwheat as that seems to be the only place to buy it locally. Whilst in Tesco I took the opportunity to stock up on 5 Romaine lettuce, Tomatoes, 2 Pineapple, Butternut Squash, 4 fresh Sweetcorn, 2 Cauliflowers, Broccoli, Banana's, shredded Coconut and Coconut Oil. On our way back from Tesco we saw a sign advertising top soil £2 per bag....GREAT! I thought because my 4 fruit tree's arrived and I needed soil to pot them, so we drove down the farm track and saw the lady there, but they aren't doing the soil now......grrrr.....why have the sign up then?? My sister was going to pop to the same farm for top soil and she too asked why the sign if they are no longer doing it?
On our way home we popped into Aldi where I bought a couple of salad bags, only 49p WOW! I also bought cucumber, I think that was all. Strangely as we went into Aldi I was looking for something my sister had been talking about which was very small slices of Rye and other German Breads in 2 slice packets but I couldn't find them so my OH rang my sister and asked her where they are in the shop and it just so happened that my sister had just left the shop....teehee so as we were coming in she must have passed us as she was going out, she was still in the carpark.

We also went to visit my Dad and step mam Beryl......we LOVE those two people!! Yes I am biased but they are lifes genuine folk, really REALLY nice folk and I am very proud to have them as parents.

Well, this weekend we are going to be getting through some jobs around here i.e. the windows outside need cleaning so my OH is getting up the ladders and he is going to do that for me and he is also going to clean the stair inside window and blind, I can't reach that window inside.

This weekends jobs:
Scotia's - to finish the flooring
Clean undersink cupboard
Clean outside windows
Clean inside stair window
Clean stair blind
Clean and sort raw equipment cupboard
Clear work surfaces
Sort out shelves in bedroom and throw out old shelving
Start my Kombucha pot off (made a hash of the first lot)
Glue drawer bottoms on desk
Soil and plant trees

I think that is all for now.

I am very tired today so I think I will make the families evening meal and chill, maybe watch a nice DVD in bed.
Nighty Night for now.

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