Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Missed a WHOLE Month....

and some....WOW!

We have been SOOO busy with the house, I also have that lady appointment coming up....AGAIN! This has been on my mind more as my appointment approaches. I have another appointment made for next week and then another two week wait on top.

My raw hasn't been great because of everything, but as the house (the downstairs and loft) is as good as finished I am more ready to get back with my raw meals and healthy lifestyle....just quaking a tad about appointment.

We have gutted and totally re-done all our downstairs what with skimming and painting, coving, laying new flooring etc. My OH still has the hall, stairs and landing to paint but that wont take long - Oh! And we still need to fit the scotia's along the floor edge, which again shouldn't take long. I have been getting quite a lot of thorough cleaning done because of all the work we have been doing.....since June/July....YIKES...THAT LONG! ....WOW! All the cleaning to get the dust, mess and muck out, and not forgetting that Christmas is just around the corner, I like to clean behind every nook and cranny at this time of year.....all those places we don't get to on a day to day basis.

Okay, I have Buckwheat sprouting and then I will dehydrate these so I have them prepared and to hand, I also have Alfalfa sprouts growing....I love Alfalfa.
I am going to make Penni's Pumpkin Pie recipe in the next day or so, this recipe looks delish!
Oh! I bought a few e-books lately - Penni's 'Falling Into Raw,' and Penni's 'Raw For The Holiday's.' I have also been wanting to buy René Oswalds 'Transitioning To Living Cuisine' e-book for some time which I finally bought also, especially as René has her book at a lower price at the moment.
My OH has bought me Alissa Cohen's NEW book, 'Raw Food For Everyone'....FAB!! But that is part of my Christmas presents.

Oh! I nearly forgot to tell you, I have bought....TREE'S....yeah baby, yeah baby...*doing a happy dance* - I have received my Sweet Chestnut Tree and TWO Hazelnut tree's. I am now waiting for.......excited.....A Walnut tree, a Braeburn Apple, Conference Pear, Victoria Plum and a Cherry Tree....WooHoo The tree's only grow to about 7ft but they yeild a huge amount of fruits and nuts. I am also thinking of buying a Lemon, Orange and Lime tree ANNNND a Kiwi and Fig tree. I currently have a Redcurrant bush, Blueberry Bush and a Strawberry bush growing in my garden, well, not growing so much at present because we are into our Winter now, our clocks went back on the 31st October.....brrrrr but come next year then I should have fruit and nuts in abundance....self sufficient or what....teehee.
I bought two beautiful hanging baskets that will look like this when we get them filled.

BEAUTIFUL! Don't you think? Balls of flowers and colour.

Well, I think that is all for now. I am going to do my utmost to blog daily and I will be back tomorrow with my daily raw jobs and preps and any other news that happens.

Sleep tight!

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