Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Since Saturday

I was up bright and early on Saturday morning because I wanted to get a big grocery shop in. I wanted to be in and out of Asda before the nasty, ignorant and pushing people filled the shops, so I got up at about 5.30am. I got up so early because I needed to drop my hubby off at work first because I needed the car. I was in Asda by about 7.15am and I spent £235.00....oops!
When I got back I quickly put the freezer and fridge foods away and then I went over to Netto because they had a fire I wanted for our livingroom. When we re-vamped our livingroom this year we had the existing fireplace removed....it was an eye sore, we were thinking of not bothering with a fire, we never used it anyway because of having the central heating and after the new central heating was installed, BOY! It so much warmer but I couldn't get used to not having anything on the fire wall. We have been looking around for a fire for sometime now but I didn't particularly want anything that would fill the chimney breast wall again, I wanted something small but oldy worldy.....kinda, so I bought this:

I LOVE IT!! And it looks good in our livingroom. I wish I had taken before pics of our livingroom, maybe I have some livingroom pics somewhere.

After Netto's I went into town for a shoe rack. I had a lovely shoe cupboard but I gave it to Michael because it was too big for our hallway after doing the work around here and changing things around, I have a lovely cupboard in my hallway now. I put the shoe cupboard in the coat cupboard but it was too big for the cupboard so I needed a smaller shoe rack to put into the cupboard. I found a shoe rack....£10 and so not worth the price but it was all I could find.

It was time to go pick up my OH and we then went onto Costco where I spotted a much nicer shoe rack for only £5 more....typical but I wasn't going to spend more on another rack.
£137.00 later and our Costco groceries were all bought....phew!
On the way home we stopped at Tesco where I bought my usual of Sweet Onions. On our way out we stopped at the Nutri Centre (which is a franchise inside of Tesco's) where I bought sprouts, Nak'd cashew bars, tea and coconut.

Onto Christmas. I still have more presents to buy for Christmas. My OH bought me a gorgeous standing mirror for Christmas which also has storage for jewellery....LOVE IT!

My hubby has bought it in Oak for me...woohoo...can't wait!
We also bought Adam a bike for his main Christmas present, one more thing for Adam and that is all of his presents in. I still need to finish James' presents and then Michael's and our two granddaughter presents, we have bought for our grandson, little Michael...Oh! I nearly forgot, I need to buy my dad's and stepmam's present.....how could I forgot my pops and stepmam?

Well, Sunday we went to B&Q to buy a mitre because the mitre we had wasn't suitable for the scotia's, instead we borrowed a good mitre from my dad and I am pleased to say, we now have the scotia's fitted and it looks GORGEOUS! It has finished the floors off beautifully, although we still need one more length of scotia for 3 tiny pieces in our kitchen.
The rest of the day was rather lazy.

We took some rubbish to the eminites then home.

Lazy. My OH has had a couple of days off work so we just relaxed.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to get some things into the dehydrator so I have some good things to hand.

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