Tuesday, 14 December 2010

More Blogging

I will be blogging on a regularly basis as of 1st January, yep that is my new starting point and when I am going to give this MY ALL!
I have put on a few pounds lately and I feel it is now affecting my health so come January I will have a NEW AND VERY FRESH START!!....I am REALLY looking forward to this.
I am trying to be concious of what I am putting into my mouth until January and I am pretty much staying the same on the scales, well, I lose and gain the same few pounds, I am alright with that.
I will be following an exercise routine, I will be following ALL my routines commencing January. Did I tell you that my OH has bought me the Zumba DVD's for Christmas also? *EXCITED*

I have a few pics to post but until I find the cable to be able to upload them I will just keep them on my camera.

I tried to replicate a raw cake from Raw Living the other day but I didn't like that one very much, my absolute favourite raw cake is the 'Raspberry Ganache cake' from Ani Phyo's Dessert book, it is DELICOUS!! So that is the cake I will be making for my 45th Birthday in January! (early January) Something else to look forward to!
I feel that I am ready to tackle things and to get to grips with my body and get slim, fit and healthy!!

I am hoping to get out and do a rather healthy big grocery shop tomorrow oh! And attempt to finish off my Christmas shopping, I still need to buy for my two grandaughters (bought for my grandson, a punch bag and boxing gloves.....ummmm) I also need to buy for my dad, niece and eldest son, Michael Oh! And I still have two more things to buy for James, I don't think I have ever left it this late to finish.

I will try to get back later or tomorrow

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