Tuesday, 30 March 2010

It's About To Start

Yep! I am going to be doing another 30 day challenge starting 1 APRIL 2010 which will hopefully put pay to any cooked and processed food cravings I still have.

I have been preparing flavoured water kefir, yep, flavoured water kefir, that is something I haven't done before, strawberry flavour is what I have double fermenting at the moment, I will be trying more flavours. I am going to be flavouring my Kombucha tea also. I am hoping to dramatically reduce or better still, cut out my coffee drinking. I am hoping to drink more coconut water, I will have to buy some cartons of coconut water in bulk.

I am going to dehydrate a lot of sweet foods tonight such as, banana crepes, flax crackers, cookies etc. I also have about 5 brown coconuts, so I will crack them open, clean them, shred them and dehydrate them so I have dehydrated coconut on hand ready to make other recipes with. We can't get the young Thai coconuts here in the UK but doing my brown coconuts this way enables me to be able to make the recipes such as the coconut cream pie from Cafe Gratitude...BRILLIANT! I made this about 3 weeks ago and it is YUMMY!

Tomorrow evening I will fill my dehydrator with savoury snacks such as savoury crackers, marinated and dehydrated onions and mushrooms, sweet onion bread, tortilla, corn tortilla chips, burgers, kale chips etc. I am also going to be making sauekraut.
A lot of these things can be frozen.
My aim is to NOT be caught out hungry and so I want lots of snacks on hand. I will of course be eating loads of fresh foods such as, fruit, salads, vege wraps, nori rolls etc. I am also going to make lots of different salad dressing and mock tuna, spreads, pat├ęs etc.
I am also going to sprout more. I have wheat grass growing at the moment and alfalfa seeds.
I will be starting some gardening and planting of veg this or next month. I bought some new large pots/tubs last year so I should do better this year at growing. This is my second year of growing my own veg so I can only get better at this this year....surely!!...teehee.

My failings have always been due to not being very well prepared, well, I should be well prepared with everything from the dehydrator by 1 April.


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