Saturday, 13 March 2010

What A Day!!

I was up at 5.30am, showered, hair and makeup done and in Asda at 7.30am......2 hours to get myself sorted I hear you say......errrrm - YEAH! And the boys and OH....teehee
Got home about 8.45am, job done! ANNND before all the pushing and shoving from the bad mannered folk that fill the place at weekends, yep! I hate shopping so much at weekends that I would much rather be up and out during the early hours.

When we got back from Asda my OH took Adam to 'Grainger Games' store for a couple of games we said we would get him, another job done.
We, well, I wanted to go to Costco, we go every month, so off we went. We got into Costco about 10.00am where I bought a nifty little rechargeable floor sweeper which will be great for when the boys make crumbs on the floor and also for them to keep on top of their bedroom carpet, teach them early so when they grow up they too will know that they must keep their own homes/spaces clean. My Michael is like that now, he hates mess and cleans up when there is a mess. I teach my boys to clean up after them and to keep on top of their own space.
Whilst in Costco I also bought LOADS of gorgeous, healthy, yummy fresh produce i.e. Medjool Dates, Tomatoes, Grapes, Blueberries, Courgettes, Aubergines, Mushrooms etc etc.

Home about 1.30pm WOW! Nearly all done until all of a sudden my OH decided to ring around stores in Newcastle to find me the Cuisinart Elite for me for mothers day.....Awwww! Fenwicks in Newcastle have it AND with 10% off for now, SOoo! Off to Newcastle we went. During attempting to get parked in the spiral carpark our car started to overheat......AAARRRGGHHH! Panic stations but then I panic about anything at a minutes notice. My OH as usual stays so calm, just as well because I panic enough for both of us and more.....teehee It is manic trying to get parked in Newcastle at weekends and so many folk were just going round and round looking for spaces, the same cars kept passing me while I was waiting for my OH to pop into Fenwicks to buy me my NEW Cuisinart. Oh! Did you know that Sarah Fergusons (Duches of York AKA Fergie) daughter goes to Newcastle University? We didn't see her in Newcastle...teehee and if we did she would be surrounded by body gaurds no doubt.

On the way back from Newcastle James decides he wants a new X Box game, so we pop back to Asda. We pass Asda on the way home, just as well. After stressing out in Newcastle I had developed quite a headache so whilst in Asda I had to buy a drink to take some headache tablets with. When I went into Asda I needed to pop to the ladies and an older lady went in before me, she MUST have been a man dressed as a woman because when I went into the loo after her it was covered in urine on the seat.......ABSOLUTELY FILTHY DISGUSTING!!!! Or she was just a dirty old lady, sorry but there is really NO NEED to leave a loo in that sort of state!!!!!!!
Did I use the loo after her? I had no choice, I was busting, so I lifted the seat and covered the porcelain seat with extra loo paper before I sat down, I always cover the seat anyway!! Got to make sure I don't have loo paper stuck to my butt though!!....TeeHee I feel so dirty now, shower soon!!

3.30pm HOME at last!! PHEW!!
Have to say, I am going to have a small bag of chippy chips tonight, I know, not raw but it's a one off.

Back tomorrow.

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