Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Nice Day

Got up at my usual time this morning - 6.00am.

I decided to colour my hair this morning, so at 7.100am there I was with a dark brown colour all over my hair, I have gone slightly darker recently, one snag there though, it doesn't half show the grey roots more which look whiter with the darker hair.

At 11.00-ish am I decided to take a walk into town, I was looking for an angled spatula, a small icecream scoop and an Orange squeezer press type thing....NOTHING! None of the local shops had any of these things but I still came home with some new gadgets which are here:

A cool Snap n Slice. This will be handy for those quick single items.

I then bought a:

UV Sterlizer, FAB for mattresses. I do vacuum my mattresses with the attachment and I like to occasionally steam them but we have a memory foam mattress topper on our bed and of course I don't want to steam that, so this UV Sterlizer should be good and just to know it has had some sort of cleaning, bacteria killing done on it. It is also good for the loo's etc but of course I will still clean with the detergents but to top up with extra bacteria killing will be good.

The weather has been quite nice today although it was drizzling this morning and it hasn't been very bright today. I'm sure the weather forcasters said it was going to be bright, sunny and warm all week except Thursday when it will rain but it has been virtually the opposite all week with rain and overcast all week, lets hope it is still the opposite and it is SUNNY tomorrow.
I have noticed the birds singing loads lately, I LOVE the sound of the birds singing, one of my favourite sounds.

I have had 2 lots of headache tablets today and I still have a noggin ache, hopefully it will be gone soon.

I should be back tomorrow or later if I have anything to report, must think about getting some gardening and seed planting done soon.

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