Friday, 12 March 2010

What's Going On??

I get so into blogging and then I go all to excuses but over the last week or so I have been on a downer, not sure if it because my anti-depressants have been reduced or what! But I am keeping an eye on things and if I slip further then during my next visit with my GP I will let him know. My GP did ask me if I felt as though I could reduce them so I know I have the buffer there that if I need to have them incresed again then I can, but to honest I would much prefer to be off them. I will see how things go.

Anyway, my weight on the scales has been coming down but as of this Monday I am getting into the GROOVE! And I am going to be more consistent with my raw meal choices and snacks because I want the scales to continue to come down.....STOP THE YO YOING!!

I am thinking of buying a new Cuisinart, a more powerful machine, a commercial strength machine. I love my Cuisinart that I have now and I would never part with it but the bowl could do with being a tad bigger and it could do with being more powerful although my Cuisinart is the most powerful food processor that I have ever had to date and I have had some....teehee
At the moment when I am making recipes I can only do half size of the recipe but I would like to make the full size recipes and freeze the other half so I always have raw on hand because the thought of making something from scratch more often than not is not very appealing sometimes. I love making raw recipes but sometimes I just want to grab something....I AM LAZY!!....teehee although, "Fresh IS Best!!"

We are popping out tomorrow and I will be stocking up on fresh, healthy, gorgeous produce.

Oh! I wanted to clear the fridge yesterday to make room for my big Costco shop and SOOooo I made a Salad bar. I sliced, chopped and my Cuisinart...small or not, I LOVE IT!! Anyway, I sliced, chopped and grated Carrot, Beetroot, Cucumber, Sweet Onions, Red & Yellow Peppers (Green Peppers are not ripe) Parnips, Turnips, Broccoli and Cauliflower and I put them into individual tubs with lids so anything remaining could be put back into the fridge to make a meal today (Friday) I also put a bowl of Plum Cherry Tomatoes out. I cooked a Chicken for the family so they could have Salad and Roast Chicken and of course they loved it. My OH had to have Chips with his Roast Chicken though.....grrrrrr
I am going to make a Salad Bar once a week and make some Fakin Bacon and raw Crackers etc for moi and for the family, if they choose to delve into the raw goods that is but if not then I will of course have the hard boiled Eggs, Ham, Chicken, Croutons etc out for them.
I am going to keep the Salad tubs full so Salad items can be put onto plates daily and I can grab my Salad daily.

I will take pics of my Salad bar the next time.

Okay, that is all for now and I will endevour to return and blog daily.

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