Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Well, as I had previously said, I didn't do the school walk yesterday because I was waiting for my NEW Bryan Au, 'Raw In Ten Minutes' uncook book being delivered which it was delivered yesterday as predicted. The place I order these books from are very fast with their deliveries....touch wood as I have ordered some DVD's from them which I am hoping will be here tomorrow, so no school walk tomorrow in the hope that my NEW DVD's do arrive. I did do the school walk this morning...WoooHooo.

Over the last couple of days I have been allowing a Rocky Biscuit into my day's eating so I am going to have to cut that RIGHT OUT!! Before it becomes a habit and a BAD habit at that. It isn't as if I am craving it AND I don't even enjoy the Biscuit, I have also noticed I am wolfing it down so I don't even taste it, so why bother with it in the first place?

I was watching the FAB! Kate Wood making one of her GORGEOUS! Raw cakes on You Tube.

Yep we can have our Cake and eat it so why not watch Kate's You Tube and see just how easy it is to make Raw Cakes and SOOO much better for us!! "Thanks Kate for doing this You Tube! We want more You Tubes like this!!!"

If anyone is interested in becoming raw or maybe just interested to know what the fuss is all about then here is a link for a free ebook by the GREAT! Kevin Gianni.

Should be back later today.

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