Thursday, 18 June 2009


OOps a daisy, I haven't updated for AGGES!....Naughty, naughty....Lazy, lazy!!

Anyway, I have to confess I have had the odd nibble of non raw foods but then I have been eating loads of raw.
I currently have Kale gently drying ready for me to make Cheesy Kale Chips....YUMMMMMY!

Here is one recipe for Cheesy Kale Chips being demonstrated

Oh! I received my 'Raw Gourmet Book' It's fab!

So as I watch the recipe's being demonstrated on the DVD's I have the recipes to go with them, and more.

Here are a few links for Raw Recipes:
Wellthy Momma

I also bought another DVD, 'Food Matters'

This is FAB! I highly recommend it. It is telling us how beneficial a raw food diet is to our bodies and the reasons.

I'm off because my computer has gone slow and I want to save this incase I lose it. I should be back later today.

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  1. The kale chips sound lovely. I've never eaten Kale. Do you read Kath Eats Real Food? She has a recipe for kale chips that I want to try. It doesn't use a dehydrator which is good since I don't own one. Let us know how you like them. Thanks for following my blog. I'm signing up to follow your too.