Saturday, 20 June 2009

Healthy RAW Eating, Beauty, Exercise & Happy Challenge

I am starting my own challenge, feel free to join me if you would like!
This challenge is more about RAW eating, not necassarily to lose weight but to be more healthy! Of course we/I would like to lose a good bit of weight....a bonus! And I have to say, with RAW comes natural weight loss anyway!...WooHoo

I am going to stick to 50 days raw along with following my own Beauty, Housework/flylady and daily exercise rota's/challenge, so as well as feeling healthier I will hopefully be looking healthier along with making the most of myself and feeling more confident and happier.
I am also going to be following my housework rota because a clean home is a happy home and I feel that all that feng shui stuff works.

I will log daily what it is I am to do that day along with 100% raw food eating.

Kate Wood at 'Raw Living' has a monthly recipe which I will make and post. Why don't you make Kate's monthly recipe also? And post your pics.

Starts tomorrow!!
Let me know if you too are going to join me, it should be fun finding out what each other is doing daily or if you want to follow my rota's/challenge, then feel free!!

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