Sunday, 18 October 2009

Just As Well......

I like cleaning my home! We have had the grandchildren over last week and I have already had to strip my furniture covers and wash those, I done that on Wednesday and tonight I have just finished deep cleaning my living room carpet. I will be doing all this and more again nearer to Christmas because I thoroughly deep clean my whole house at Christmas time. At the start of December I begin the big clean. Nice to do a thorough clean then because the house is still clean under furniture and on top of furniture for the start of the New Year.

Well I made the family Bacon and Egg for brunch, I say brunch because they got up a tad later this morning because of our VERY INCONSIDERATE neighbours having yet ANOTHER of their parties. I am starting to log it all down now. This has been going on for years. Their parties start at around 6.30pm - 7.00pm and literally go on until around 6.30AM - 7.00AM the following morning. Their parties are 12 hour parties every time and they have quite a few throughout the year. They don't seem to be bothered what day of the week these parties occur, it doesn't matter to them if my boys or my OH have to be up for work or school. They also have a disabled son.

This afternoon we had another afternoon nap, trying to catch up on a little bit of quality sleep.

I started my day off with my raw healthy Fruit and Brazil Nuts....FAB! But later on today, after our nap, I sneaked a few Chips, I wouldn't care but I don't particularly like them....madness - I could have had some Durian instead......Grrrr - I just didn't think, I maybe still had my sleepy head on.....TeeHee

I am still working towards a Raw lifestyle and I will continue to do so for as long as it takes.

Well that is about it for now. I am popping out tomorrow for my tea for my Kombucha so I will probably be back tomorrow.

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