Friday, 16 October 2009

Christmas Is In The Air....

And I can feel that nip in the air also......brrrr but OH SO LOVELY!! I particularly like this time of year, Autumn, the BEST!!
I got some parcels today one of which is a Christmas pressie for MOI! From my husband......what is it? I hear you ask? I know what it is.....WooHoo, I might tell ya.

I received one parcel first thing this morning. I ordered another 2 bags of Durian - LOVE IT! Jackfruit, Mangosteen and I thought I would try some of their bars of raw Chocolate....YUM!

Later today I received a second parcel.....EXCITING STUFF EH?
I received Camu Camu, He Shou Wu, Incan Berries, Greener Grasses and Etherium Gold and Suma which are the October offer....BRILL!

I know I haven't been blogging lately but we have had some serious stuff going on which I think has pretty much come to an end. There has been a court case involving a certain person. The court case was just last week. This incident has been going on since 2007 but only came to light in June last year.
Myself and my husband have been VICTIMS of a serious crime.
I have also had something else going on and it has been taking a bit of time to organise and to get settled into a routine with but we have pretty much got there with it. This is a different thing and is nothing to do with being the victim and the court case.
So there you go, that is why I haven't been blogging regularly lately.

First thing yesterday morning we popped to Asda to stock up on our basics and then we popped to Costco in the afternoon where I stocked up on some GORGEOUS Fruit and Veg. I cut out some of the Costco coupons and stocked up on some of their offers i.e. Lamb Shanks, Chickens, Sausage Rolls etc but these are for the family NOT ME! I hasten to add.

Oh! I bought a Kombucha Mother from a lovely lady in London this last week and now I have Kombucha brewing....YUM! Did I tell you that I had also bought some Milk and Water Kefir Grains a few weeks ago which I ferment daily? I can't remember if I did tell you, but anyway, I have those also...I am turning into a hippy.....ARRGGHH! No! I'm not, I am just into trying new things and being healthy, or trying to be healthy anyway.

When I done my grocery shopping yesterday I forgot to buy some good tea for my Kombucha so I am going to have to pop back for some good tea at some point.

Anyway, have I had you in suspense long enough? The pressie from my husband for Christmas is...................A Green Star Juicer....YeeeHaaa I have definitely got everything now that a raw foodist would want and should need.

I have also got all the attachments with this Green Star.....BRILLIANT!

Well, there you have all the latest gossip and goings on and hopefully I can get back to blogging more often.

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