Saturday, 17 October 2009

Walk Into Town

I got up bright and I do, then I went through my usual morning routine. I decided to take a walk into town this morning, my OH wanted a new battery for his watch and I needed to go to the Health Food Store to stock up on Brazil Nuts and Figs for my Kefir. Whilst in town I had a walk around the market, yes and to the sweetie stall where I did buy a little something for myself and which I sort of enjoyed, well, a little something now and again doesn't harm. I have to say, I think I am definitely going off Chocolate, well, not going off it, I just don't feel so much a need for it any more.....that's got to be good!! Anyway, whilst on the market I spotted this:

and ONLY £5....WOW! Just for these two items it is usually around £12.95. Here is a LINK to it with one extra smaller slicer and it is 14.99 then with P+P the total cost works out at £19.95 so, I would say I picked up a bargain this morning and such a nice way to start my day off, with a bargain!! You can view the video of it at the above link also. These slicer, peeler, julienne cutters are said to be BRILLIANT! And for the price I had to buy one. Should be good for a quick raw snack/Salad.

Well, not a lot has happened today except for my score this morning. I fell asleep this afternoon and thats it! So I will go for now and if I have anything to report then I shall be back tomorrow.

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