Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dark Nights

The clocks went back an hour last night, this is the start of our Winter. I quite like the Winter months!

Okay, I am going to do a 60 day raw challenge. The 60 days take me up to Christmas Eve. No more cooked foods or processed naughties, well, not unless it is raw. I have an idea to make Hemp cream filled raw Chocolates....naughty but RAW...YUM!
I might relax a tad over the Christmas but my main aim is to eventually become 100% raw

This weekend has been nothing to speak of, not a lot happening at all......borrriiinnngg!

Oh! I bought a new vacuum just a tad over a year ago.....IT'S PAGGERED!......GRRRRR....BOOOHOOO - Actually, it is still working but it is extremely loud so I am going to have to pop out at the weekend and buy another......humffff....perfect timing eh? Right near Christmas - ah well!

I have been growing Wheatgrass over the last few days which is quite long now but not long enough to juice just yet. I am growing it on Kitchen paper instead of soil and it is growing really well, it is so much cleaner than using the soil, and cheaper I feel.
I have also been sprouting Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds which have now sprouted so I am going to marinade them in Tamari then dehydrate them to make what are called Sunseeds. Raw Living sell them and Kate was giving the information out on her You Tube about how to make them. Worth a try!

I might weigh in tomorrow so I can keep a check of weight loss between now and the end of my 60 days or I might just keep my Thursdays as my weigh in day.....ummm not sure yet, I will ponder on that one over night.

I am DEFINTELY going to get on with exercise, I need to!!!!!!!
I will log everything, hopefully on a daily basis.



  1. Best of luck with your challenge!

  2. I think you missed a couple of days on checking in with your 60 day challenge. ;-)