Monday, 23 August 2010

Wasn't To Be

No, we decided not to get the dog, well it wouldn't be fair on the dog at the moment with us doing so much around here, so maybe sometime in the future we will get another pooch.

We popped to Asda this morning for a few bits and pieces. When we got home my OH skimmed a bit more of the walls. I had to go to see the nurse today to have that horrible lady check up...I HATE that!! We then popped along to see Michael, our grandchildren weren't there, they were with their mammy at the shops, always LOVE seeing our Michael though. When we got back home my OH finished skimming our livingroom pleased although there is still a lot to do yet.

My eating has been rather bad today and my friend Avril and I are reporting to each other on a daily basis with our daily menu's.....ummm I have been shocking today....BoooHooo

I have started to write a daily list of my to do things for my raw food which might also help me stay on track and to be more prepared, so on that note here is my list for tomorrow of raw things to do.
Juice Citrus Fruits - Ice lollies
Open Coconuts
Prepare Apple Cider Vinegar
Sort Kefir
Marinate Mushrooms
Prepare Saurkraut
Make Raw Krazy Krackers
Make Raw Onion Bread
Make Raw Corn Tortillas
Cheesy Kale Chips
Soak Buckwheat
Soak Wheat to make Wheatgrass

Quite a bit to do there but the Krazy Krackers, Onion Bread, Cheesy Kale Chips and the Tortilllas can all be put into the dehydrator together, thats the beauty of having a 9 tray Excalibur....I LOVE IT!!

I have felt rather down today, I think it was the thought of that lady check and the fact that it has rained like crazy today which has meant dark, dull skies. I am still on my anti-depressants which do help a lot, even during days like this because at least I don't start and sink into what feels like a never ending and very deep black pit, I just tend to go rather down and gloomy which doesn't last. I would say that most of the time I am a lot more happier and on top of life now. Maybe there is a pattern there, when I am down I eat badly yet the more raw I eat the happier I am, I need to stick to raw and try to fight against even feeling down......ummmm

Anyway I am off for some sleep as it is late, so, speak to you again tomorrow.

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