Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Pittar Patter Of....

little feet are about to be heard in our household......a new family member..........NO! I am NOT pregnant!!......We are getting a dog tomorrow. He is not the type of dog I would normally go for but this dog hasn't had much luck being re-homed, my nephew has been the foster owner for a while and he is the person who has to find a new home for the dog, do the home checks etc and my nephew said we can give the dog a new home, but what kind of dog is he? Well, he is a Beagle and I have to say he is a BEAUTIFUL dog, you will see him hopefully tomorrow, I will attempt to get a few pics uploaded.

We had borrowed a garden tool from my sister a few weeks ago and we needed to take it back so we took it back to my sisters today only to find her trying to fill a skip she had hired with a load of brick from a wall that she decided to knock down, so I said, well lets get this lot in the skip then shall we? We worked like stink and had the skip filled in about 1-1/2 hours.....FAB exercise!

Update of the last few day are as follows: The livingroom is half way through being skimmed and still in a mess....and we got the dog coming tomorrow...YIKES! I will sort of try to clean up.
You remember I told you about being invited to a raw potluck? The lady who invited me is called Avril well, we went to her home last Saturday and we all went to Costco for our produce and we just had to pop into the Nutri Centre where we were such a bad influence on each other....teehee she ended up spending about £37 there and I spent £42 - she bought sprouts and hemp butter because I did and I was buying loads of herbal teas because she was.....lol between us both we should be good to keep each other on the raw path.

Anyway it is 11.52pm so I am going to sign off here and I will be posting pics and updating more tomorrow.

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