Thursday, 27 May 2010

Financial Thinking

Well, after all the talk about selling up we have decided to improve instead of move....for now anyway.
We have discussed and discussed this matter and we have decided that it would be financially safer to stay put for now as we only have a few year left on our mortgage, SO, because of our decision I went out on Tuesday and bought a load of good quality GORGEOUS slightly textured laminate flooring for all my downstairs area, also the coving for my living room which now only leaves two rooms to cove which are mine and the spare bedroom which we will get skimmed etc later.
On Wednesday I went and paid for a GORGEOUS antique solid pine sideboard for my livingroom. This wont be delivered for a couple of weeks so that gives us time to strip and paint the livingroom walls, put the coving up and hopefully get the flooring layed. I also bought all the flooring for the loft and I have a guy coming soon to put in two lights and a double socket up there.
Adam is going to have the spare room for his bedroom because at the minute he shares a bedroom with James. We will skim the walls and laminate the floor for Adam, and buy him some new furniture. After the loft, livingroom, spare bedroom and our bedroom are done then that will be the whole house and back garden all revamped. It has taken us some time but then we have just done so much each year over the last few year. Eventually I will have the front garden done and a double drive put in and a new conservatory built at the back of our home then that will be everywhere done.
You can check out some before and after pics around our home HERE but since these pics were done we have also revamped the boys bedroom and the kitchen, although we still need to do the tiling under the cupboards in the kitchen.

Just to let you know, we are TOTALLY ignoring the neighbours which seems to be working.

I also popped to Holland & Barrett on Tuesday and I bought all the Linwoods flavoured flax, I also bought some Beetroot Juice, I know I could juice my own but it's nice when someone else does that sometimes.

So that is the latest of what has been happening.

Back tomorrow as I wont be quite as busy running around and shopping, although I do have to pop to town to collect the coving but that is all.

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